Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Two Good Men, Two Scary Stories

Seattle Police Officer Greg Anderson did a video last week speaking against the mistreatment of people for exercising freedom of speech. It was great. Seattle PD said so at first, but when it went viral, they commanded him to pull the video. He has refused. Caveat ~~ 7:18, 8:19 -- Watch your words. Like Shelley Luther (Texas hairdresser) told the judge, "Do what you must do," we cannot give the wicked permission to persecute us. This man is standing strong. What if his commanding officer stood strong, and his commanding officer, and so on, instead of caving?? 
Officer Anderson is not the only one so wrongly treated. Almost 15 years ago, an Austin officer used his better judgment and did not tase an elderly man, but de-escalated the situation using common sense and compassion. 

However, according to the Austin PD psychologist, Perez is "defensive" and not able to take in "feedback" from supervisors. He resigned rather than be fired. His lawyer said, "[Officer Perez] bucked the power system by refusing to comply with an unlawful – and unconstitutional – order to use excessive force on a suspect. It is fair to say that we want to be safe in our communities. We want [our] police officers to do their job and enforce the law, and [we] also want them to obey the law." And that, he continued, includes an "ethical and moral responsibility … and a constitutional right to refuse" an unlawful order. 
Who gains by silencing good men like Officer Greg Anderson and Officer Ramon Perez? And if they are fired, who is left behind to "serve and protect" but those who only do what they are told without using their own conscience?? And the truly frightening question: Who ultimately decides that Officer Anderson's video should be pulled, or that Officer Perez should have tased -- and likely killed -- a frail elderly man?

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