Saturday, February 15, 2014

Revolution by Education

Reader at social media asks, "Does anyone in Lockhart recognize the detriment of COMMON CORE? Does anyone care?"

Well, Jim, I care. I cared back in 1986 when I took my two children out of Jane Addams Elementary School and taught them and their two younger siblings at home for the next 17 years.  And I care now. That's why I work with my grandchildren and others as a reading mentor.  

But you are looking at the fruit and not the root of the problem. Common Core did not bring us to the point of being in the bottom third of international standings in literacy. Centralization of education with the creation of the Department of Education and the concomitant infusion of federal dollars (read: Control) was the womb in which Common Core was conceived. But our nation's plunge into educational mediocrity was a done deal many years before 1979.

Enter: Revolution by Education. 

In far away Cambodia in 1975, a Communist dictator named Pol Pot methodically shot anyone who wore glasses because it meant, or suggested, their ability to read, to think for themselves. The nation was purged of its intelligentsia so that Communism could flourish.

Whereas Cambodia had her Pol Pot, America had her John Dewey.  

Dewey and his Marxist buddies took over the teacher colleges and began to intentionally remove the pedagogical pillars that created a strong, private mind, able to think for itself. They developed curricula that turned the classroom into a psych lab and produced the collective mind, a character that was fitted for their vision of a utopian socialist America.  How so?

They destroyed literacy.

They threw out phonetics and spelling, inserted "whole language," and "new" math. They amalgamated Geography and History into "social studies."  One of their biggest triumphs was The Workbook with fill-in-the-blank exercises that an average chimp could be trained to do. For instance, if a child sees C_T and is tasked with inserting a vowel for an animal that goes "meow," he will write in "A". But what is imprinted on the brain is "A", not CAT. This is just one small example of the subterfuge involved.  The English language is based on a sound-symbol alphabet, but these men substituted look-say which is based on the Oriental method of symbol-word language. English does not have a pictograph for the thing we call a tree. We see t-r-ee and sound it out. Sight words can be grasped for awhile, but by fourth grade the child is frustrated, confused, and bored. Sex and drugs can be very enticing to a 10 year old whose mental escape hatches have been locked.  

Dewey would never have imagined of how successful his pipe dream would be. Kids today understand how important it is to be a good [obedient, state-worshiping] global citizen and how their own national forebears were scumbags. They believe that China and Russia are true republics, and they repeat the mantra of "democracy" as oft as possible; why, they have never even seen a copy of the Constitution. That obsolete document has been sequestered off campus with the drugs and guns so that their eyes will never see Article II, Section 2. Go ahead, ask any kid what Fourth of July is about. Heck, ask a college student. Ask them what the D.C. stands for in Washington, D.C.

Cursive writing has been replaced with truncated texts. They've been taught to save the planet instead of their own souls. The aid of the medical-industrial complex has been enlisted to morph normal, energetic little boys into zombies, lest they grow into men who ask questions. They enter their ejukashun adventure with their bodies containing more neuron-tangling mercury from mandated vaccines than is considered safe by the EPA. Their parents need not prepare a bowl of hot oatmeal or scrambled eggs or pack them a brown bag; they can have a federally-funded chemical shit storm for breakfast and lunch, provided by corporate caterers who are beholden to stockholders' profits rather than children's ability to stay awake during their Globalism 101 class.  

A gun to the head or the bloodless coup of illiteracy; is the end not the same?

America is stupid.

America is conquered.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Don't Take Your Child to a Damned Doctor

As with lies, there are doctors and then there are damned doctors. If your pediatrician insists on vaccinating your children, he is of the latter. 
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. --2 Thessalonians 2:11-12
Recently I ran across this article, "Vaccinate Your Kids -- Or Get Out of My Office." 

It was allegedly written by a pro-vaccine pediatrician in New England, who writes under the pseudonym of Dr. Russell Saunders. Once you've read his work, you can't really blame the guy for not wanting to use his real name. If you can wade through the bovine-recycled grass in this e-article pasture, you will get to this revelatory gem, "What breaks the deal is that I would never truly believe that these parents [non-vaxers] trust me."

Oh, the tricky world of words. Dr. Saunders does not want to be trusted.

He wants to be worshiped.

He wants to be your authority, your Medical Deity, your Jim Jones who tells you to drink the Kool-Aid, and you do so, without thinking twice about those empty cups and dead bodies laying at your feet.

He wants to be your truth.

The problem is, no one can be your truth. Only truth can be your truth. The ancient Druids had a saying, "Let truth be your authority, not authority your truth." All hail, the White Coated One Who Is Draped With the Sacred Stethoscope At His Worshipful's Neck -- or don't darken the doorway with your heretical presence.

For someone who won't even trust the public with his real name, demanding unflinching fealty, or as he says, "trust", from his customers is a pretty arrogant and self-aggrandizing thing to do. But then, I didn't expect a whole lot of humility from a vaccine shill, did you?