Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November is American Diabetes Month

In 1880, only 2.8 people in 100,000 had diabetes. Heart attacks were rare. People ate sugar, molasses, lard, suet, butter, eggs, cheese, and red meat—and they did NOT have the big D. Today, we are told to eat “healthier” foods like artificial sweeteners, margarine, egg whites only, no-fat cheese and low-fat milk, and to abstain from red meat—yet, there are now 7,001 people per 100,000 with D. If our great-grandparents’ diet was so bad and ours is so good, why do we have 25,000% more D than they had?

Did you notice the one thing in common with modern foods? They are all manufactured in some way! What used to come from the farm and be minimally processed is now making many wealthy—and others very sick. Clearly, to return to single-digit D statistics, we need to return to the old-fashioned foods of yesteryear.

Where to start? Throw out the REFINED OIL. Cottonseed, corn, soy, canola, safflower, sunflower oils—known as “salad” or “polyunsaturated” oils—are extracted with solvents, then bleached, then deodorized. They are lifeless, except for calories. Further, the clear bottle allows light to increase their rancidity, and the longer they sit, the more xenoestrogens—hormone disruptors—they absorb from the plastic. Liquid oils gum up receptor sites and insulin cannot get the sugar into the cells. In the 1920’s Dr. Sweeney produced Type-2 D in his medical students simply by feeding them a diet high in vegetable oils for just 48 hours! Hydrogenation and partial-hydrogenation further contort these oils into plasticized molecules that can only be called ‘food’ by the wildest stretch of imagination. Heart disease, skin cancer and –gulp!—wrinkles are attributable to these oils.

Shop for real butter (I prefer Central Market Organic Butter; Land O’ Lakes may contain growth hormones). Choose foods with high Omega 3, which acts like WD-40 on those stuck receptor sites: Wild-caught fish, walnuts (excellent for D for many reasons), grassfed beef, flax seeds, hempseeds, and even the humble weed purslane. The Life Emporium has unrefined coconut oil, a very tasty and healthy choice for diabetics and those wishing to lose weight. Coconut oil boosts the thyroid for incredible energy and stamina; kills fungus which all D have.

Above all, avoid “DIET” foods. Aspartame is a drug that poisons every metabolic system of your body, causing weight gain, depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, MS, leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumors, and YES, even causes diabetes! Diabetics are especially at risk from its diabolical effects of vision loss. Sold as NutraSweet or Equal (blue packets), it’s in 1,000’s of foods. Sucralose, marketed as Splenda, is chemically the same as pesticide (just think “DDT-Lite”), and it raises Hemoglobin A1c levels AND calcifies kidneys. Acesulfame potassium (K) can cause mammary tumors. High fructose corn syrup reduces your minerals, increases insulin resistance and triglycerides. Better sweetener choices include stevia, Erythritol, Just Like Sugar, agave, and raw honey.

Diabetics have a critical need for minerals. Bieler’s Broth is a soup full of minerals that will help reduce blood sugar. Really works! Come by for the easy recipe. Want to learn more? Sign up for a Grocery Store Tour. For $45, you get a 2-hour, personalized class for you and up to three friends. Bring your shopping list and Granny Good Food will show you safer, healthier choices. Call The Life Emporium for reservations at 398-7800 or (951) 505 5696. Day or evening tours available.