Friday, September 28, 2018

Kavanaugh's Threat to Big Rx


The whole circus is not about sex or a traumatized middle-aged spent party girl playing the Vagina Privilege Card.

That's just for the useful idiots who can't do any critical thinking past their genitals, who get their political education from watching Cops, who couldn't 'splain "presumption of innocence" for a million dollars, who believe fake news that Kavanaugh will take away their "right" to plunge scissors in their unborn baby's head or scald him to death with burning salt. 

Get this now: abortion never was, never will be a "right." Life comes from God and must be taken on HIS terms. Just because the govt says something is legal, is it? How many Negroes do you own? I thought so. Can't own a Negro, can't kill a baby unless you get special "rights" from a few wicked people who, surprise surprise, may be the same people seen on certain laptops (now in possession of authorities) abusing, eating, and raping children. 

That said, your abortion keeps the wheels of the pharmaceutical industry well-greased. The psycho-babbling Dr. Ford knows that. (Side bar -- while we're talking about Negroes, you might want to consider that the womb is the most dangerous place to be for a Black baby. Since 1973, 16 million Black people have been genocided in the womb; the rate of Black abortion is 4x that of White.)

Ford, RU486, and Drug Fortunes

(The following is commentary from "someone" at Facebook) Both Christine Blasey Ford and her husband (who is a director of another pharmaceutical company) have financial interests in Brett Kavanaugh not being confirmed to the Supreme Court. What you might not know is that there is a fortune to be made in the off label prescribing of mifepristone [the RU486 abortion pill] for diabetes (other than that associated with Cushing's Syndrome) and depression. Mifepristone is being marketed in Third World countries for uses for which it has not been approved in the United States and Europe. Pair this with the transdermal delivery system developed by Blasey Ford's husband, and there is a potential for enormous profits. What these companies do with generic drugs--They tweak a molecule, change the mode of delivery, give it a catchy name, and file for a patent. >>>>>>>Why is Kavanaugh a threat? The pharmaceutical companies are afraid that the Supreme Court will rule that taxpayer funds cannot be used for abortions. It has nothing to do with the right to have an abortion, or a woman's right to choose [I disagree!]. The pharmaceutical companies are afraid of losing the federal funds they've been diverting into developing this drug for off label use. Julie Swetnick also had past ties to two pharmaceutical companies, one involved with marketing diabetes medication.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Two Funerals in Two Days: What does it mean?

Is there significance that in the same week, just a day apart, both the despised "Songbird" McCain and a singer lauded as Queen of Soul were buried?

Ariana Grande is a Lilith, a sexually wanton demon of the Babylonian Talmud. What we saw was not a tribute to Aretha, but a sexually explicit ritual performed in front of some of the most immoral and wicked men of our time. Some might have wondered if they were in a church or a strip bar. 

I don't know how deeply Aretha was involved in these debauched things, but in looking at who attended and whom she has been close to over the years, it seems that she would have approved of the despicable performance. 

With the execution of the traitor "no name" (yes, folks, he was executed), others of his ilk are put on notice that their betrayals will not get a free pass. They are terrified; their comms are gone and like kids in grammar school, they can only pass notes to each other during their convocation at funerals.

Our nation has been held captive politically and culturally by spiritual forces of wickedness. I do believe that these two funerals are a sign to us that times are changing -- if we allow it. If we turn from our wicked ways, if we refuse to be part of the occultic, satanic culture, if we refuse to idolize the "stars" who are minions of evil, if we protect our children from this ungodly influence, our nation can be saved from its headlong plunge to hell. If.