Thursday, April 30, 2020

COVID: A Religious War

Medical science is not justifying wearing a mask in public. For every source that says wear a mask, I can bring several to the table that say masks are dangerous in many ways.

Same with the virility of Covid. It is not the strong killing force of mankind that we were told. Ask yourself why voices that are pointing out that the numbers are not adding up are being silenced, their videos pulled by YouTube, their posts blocked by Facebook.

Why the diverse opinions? Same reason that most wars in history have been religious wars -- the Crusades, the Inquisition, and in this modern era, the Bolshevik Communists. The unseen God was at the crux of these wars -- and His followers have been arguing about the best way to please Him since history began. What most don't realize is that the benefactor of those wars has not been God or His followers, but those financing the wars. The makers of the spears, axes, shields, armor, bullets, etc are always the true winners -- and all too often it is seen that the same financiers supply both sides of every war.

Now that we have freedom of religion (for the most part, unless one wants to attend a heated Dispie vs Preterist match), what's a bankster to do? Ah, create an unseen enemy. Create an authority that creates teams that can be identified. In religious wars, the teams are circumcised (or not), baptized (or not), members (or not).

In the new and improved Covid War, you either wear a mask (or not), you social distance (or not). Instead of the pope, CNN/WaPo/CDC/WHO is the holy source of truth (or not).

Fortunes and empires are built on one thing and one thing alone: faith. If your faith can be manipulated, you are valuable to the authority and the banksters. The financiers of this war have much in store for us if their fortunes are to be secured. They have invested billions in subdermal chips, blockchain ID, microneedles, scanners, apps, etc. that can be profitable only if the Faithful go along with the narrative. For the heretics who challenge the settled doctrine, there is shadowbanning, Facebook Jail, deleted posts. For those not wearing the team insignia, there is persona non gratis status at big box stores; you will be a team player, cover your face, or go hungry.

I'm happy to be on the winning side of history. No one pinches incense to Caesar or becomes lion-chow (that said, the plethora of mandated licensures is a reasonable rebuttal). In Lockhart there is St. Mary's, several flavors of Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Episcopal -- and no one has been burned at the stake, at least since 2006 when we got here. Authorities and banksters will always be among us, but so will truth. I stand with my Druidic ancestors of old Ireland who gave us a proverb that would be wise for all of us to live by: "Make truth your authority, not authority your truth."