Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Lockdown 2020: Attack on our blood

I hope everyone knows what "adrenochrome" is by now. It's the blood of tortured children that is harvested ritually by satanic monsters. The yearly 800K missing American children, thousands of immigrant children who were brought over the border by paid coyotes, the Haitian children that Clinton agent Laura Silsby was busted with -- have all been used for this purpose. But arrests and exposure have brought the supply line of children to a screeching halt. These pedo-vores are addicts of the worst kind -- notice the sudden aging of certain Hollywood celebs. Satan is desperate for blood. So what is happening? OUR blood is being attacked.

Scripture says to "Eat bread by the sweat of our brow." Where does sweat come from? The blood. By forbidding us to work, the flow of our blood has been halted. We will become weakened, as always happens when God's perfect instructions are disobeyed. Satan knows this. Statistics are saying that there is going to be a far worse toll of life from the repercussions of the lockdown than the virus itself -- suicides, heart attacks, stroke, depression, etc. Any politician who enforced this ungodly mandate, who is forbidding people to work, has exposed him/herself and whom they truly serve. Remember to vote accordingly.

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