Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Justice Goes Beyond Labeling GMOs

This video was posted at my friend David's facebook page. On the surface, this looks like a good argument. But something did not set well with me and I kept thinking about. When I woke up this morning, it came to me. The mud clears when we define what libertarianism is and is not.   

Libertarianism is not licentiousness, where we can do what we want. That would be "Do as thou wilt" and that is......SATANISM. Their "bible" even says so, "My will be done."

Liberty is the ability to do God's will and live by "HIS" eternal Law-Word without hindrance by man.This is true "Libertarianism". To think that we do not have to answer to God or our neighbor for our actions is anarchy. We can see how well that worked for society in the Book of Judges, when every man "did what was right in his own eyes." Sure glad I didn't live at that time (although these times are getting close to that!)

All government is not evil, because govt is established by God. The proper role of govt is to do justice. And we know that law is needed for the wicked among us; those who have God's Law written on their hearts do not need statutes and codes to live by. But the wicked, not so. The wicked will do whatever they can get away with. Good govt restrains the wicked so that the righteous are safe and can walk in God's liberty.

Today's civil law comes from Biblical law. So, let's look at that. "The Law of Moses anticipated particular negligent acts or omissions that resulted in civil liability. Four specified circumstances involved:
* Digging a pit but failing to cover it (Ex. 21:33-34);
* Allowing animals to trespass on to the property of another and do
harm (Ex. 22:5);
* Kindling a fire but negligently allowing it to get out of control and
harm a neighbor’s property (Ex. 22:6); and
* Building a flat roof on which people foreseeably would spend
time, but failing to construct protective parapets to prevent their falling off the sides (Deut. 22:8).

[Source: http://www.beasleyallen.com/webfiles/Trial%20Lawyers%20and%20the%20Biblical%20Basis%20For%20What%20We%20Do.pdf]

So, we can see that good law protects the innocent. More than that, good law sees to it that the wicked are punished so that others are warned by example. Putting a sign over a pit, keeping dangerous animals corralled, controlling fire, and building guard rails are meant to show us that we are responsible to the best of our ability to keep from hurting people. Restitution was to be made to the injured party in each of these cases.

At the very least, we learn from this that food that is questionable as to safety should lawfully have a label. Sorry, young lady, but government mandates are good and righteous and holy in this case. YES on PROP. 37.

But as Paul Harvey would have said, "Here's the rest of the story."

The Bible teaches us that gross negligence has a great price. If one knew that their ox was feisty and had even injured someone before, and then it injures another person, the ox AND THE OWNER were put to DEATH.

"...if the ox has been accustomed to gore in the past, and its owner has been warned but has not kept it in, and it kills a man or a woman, the ox shall be stoned, and its owner shall be put to death..." Exodus 21:28-32

There is more than enough evidence that GE/GMO food is dangerous and has killed both man and animal. There is an issue of KNOWLEDGE with GE/GMO food much the same as the irresponsible ox owner.

The truth is, we are beyond fixing the situation with a label. All those who create Genetically Modified Organisms and knowingly put Creation ~~ innocent men, women, and children as well as animals and the ecology ~~ at great peril are vile, murderous, greedy creatures. For the sake of society and justice and bringing glory to God and His Law, death is the only lawful remedy.