Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Vaccines & Greek vs Hebrew Thinking

"The future belongs to the unvaccinated because the plagues belong to those who embrace the lie."
I wrote the following essay five years ago. It is even more timely today than then. Here is a statue of Nike, Greek goddess of victory. What is at her left hand. Do you see it? Do you understand the real message? What is the position of the serpent? He is standing. Yet, the serpent was "to crawl on its belly." Do you get it now?
Do you know what a caduceus is? It's the symbol of the medical industry: a pole with a serpent -- sometimes two serpents-- wrapped around it. If you visit an employee of that industry, you may get a prescription. Where do you go to get it filled? The pharmacy. In Greek, the word pharmacy is "pharmakeia," and it means SORCERY.
Do you get the message yet? The victory will be won by the serpent controlling mankind through sorcery, i.e., drugs/vaccines/viruses.  Didn't take "a thousand words" for this pic to tell its story.

There's something about looking on the face of a dead baby that makes people question religion. Why did God take this precious child? God did not take the child. God intended the child to grow up and be a vibrant man or woman made in His image. The child was murdered, a secret sacrifice that the White Coats knowingly performed with their bastard science. Vaccination with its horrific death toll is a bloody ritual based on Babylonian mystery religion.

Western medicine is predicated upon the Greek mindset, which is the ancient serpent worship.(1) Gnosticism is the undergirding current, with reliance on an "authority" or priest with superior knowledge. The priest, of course, is the White Coat who does his magic with double-blind studies and statistics. Unless a controlled study has proven something works, and has the blessing of a journal, we are told that we should not trust what we see and know with our own eyes. We are expected to accept their rules that truth is only for those who can read multi-syllabic words in journals that require expensive subscriptions (tithes) from the chosen. Like the Bibles of the pre-Wycliffe era that were chained to the church and written in Latin so that the people had to depend on the interpretation of the holy father, so is modern medicine.

Thus, parents are told that vaccines did not give their child seizures, fevers, encephalopathy, micro-vascular damage evidenced in muscle contortions of the face, or even kill the child -- because vaccines are the sacraments approved by the Knowing Ones. To challenge their dogma is grounds for excommunication ("We no longer treat patients who do not vaccinate") or crucifixion (untimely death of Moulden, Bradstreet, Gonzales, etc).

In the Greek mindset, truth is arbitrary and pragmatic, and depends on the best argument of the day, e.g., Oh, a new study proves blah blah blah -- whatever will sell drugs, the potions of the sorcerers. In fact, the very language used by modern temples expose this fact: pharmakoepia means sorcery in Greek.

Gnosticism can be traced back to the mystery religions of Babylon and Nimrod and his whore wife, Simiramis. False religion always leads to spilling of innocent blood, either to maintain power or for financial gain. False religion always requires rituals -- such as the cutting of the flesh and spilling of blood. Vaccines cut the flesh. Vaccines spill blood.

The Hebrew mindset says there is ultimate, absolute truth for all ages, and it is knowable -- and expected to be known -- by all men, not just the keepers of the esoteric knowledge gate. We read that species are created "after their kind" (Genesis 1), and their kind is not to be mixed with other kinds. Vaccines mix the species, in direct violation of universal, eternal truth.

The ante-diluvian world was destroyed because mankind ignored this warning. The same entities who initiated this mixing of species are again trying to cause mankind to curse himself by disobedience to this eternal command. Vaccines are laden with DNA of swine, dogs, monkeys, and even other humans. It is not only bestiality couched in spurious science, it is cannibalism. Mankind will be obliterated if the vaccine agenda is left to continue.

But it won't continue. A "reformation" is in the air, or more accurately, the Cloud. Usually it is black-robed, academic theologians who start religious reformations. Not this time. Today, there is an army of mothers who are listening to common sense and trusting what they know, what they have seen with their own eyes: vaccines hurt children. They are not trusting the White Coats; they are rising up with the fury of a mother bear and are prepared to fight to the death for their cubs. They will prevail, for the very reason that God is on their side and blessing the very nature that He, Himself, put in them.

The future belongs to the unvaccinated because the plagues belong to those who embrace the lie.

"Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues; for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.…"

(1) The Parthenon Code, by Robert Bowie Johnson

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