Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Red Hen Cafe: Here's your test

As disgusting as the behavior of the owners of Red Hen Cafe is, this has been a test.

Are you a statist? Then Red Hen should be forced to serve anyone.

Are you a republican (lower case 'r' -- this is important, stay tuned)? Then Red Hen had every right to turn away anyone.

Even if they were Black. Even if they were LGBTQLMNOP. Even if they were Christian, GOP, Team Trump.

The 1964 Civil Rights Act was a government mandate that effectually seized every business in America. That is called FASCISM, boys and girls, when you 'own' the property but the govt tells you how you can run it. P.S. That means you don't really own it.

There is no such thing as "civil rights." Any time the govt grants "rights," even to oppressed and mistreated people, it is deceiving you into agreeing to be a slave.

Here's the truth, if you can handle it: A govt cannot grant rights; it can only give privilege. A govt that gives privilege has become your master. You are a slave, groveling (with the assistance of well-compensated lobbyists) for every little crumb of blessing from the Mass'ah.

Is bigotry ugly? For sure. "Love your neighbor as yourself." "Treat others like you would be treated." I'm old enough to remember seeing the White and Colored drinking fountains, and to remember my grandmother from Alabama refusing to eat in a diner where one Black man sat. My grandmother's heart did not change in 1964, and to her dying day in 1991 she refused to accede to Black equality. Fast forward to 2008, and a Black man using the back door to my store because, as he explained, if he came in through the front door, many of the White people here in Lockhart would not come in. The take home lesson is that man's law does not change the heart. Only an encounter with the very presence of God and His Divine love does that. When you can see people through His eyes and love them because HE loves them and they are created in His image, your behavior will change.
Back to our story. We expect a double standard from the unsaved, degenerate Left who can force bakers to violate their conscience or fashion designers who can refuse to dress the FLOTUS while preaching 'tolerance' to the rest of us.

But how does a republican handle the situation? Now let me 'splain the difference between GOP and republican. A GOP Republican would probably force Red Hen's compliance with the 1964 Civil [Privileges] Act. Take them to court! Sue the bastards! Teach them a lesson! But a republican recognizes the inherent sovereignty of any property owner, and will comply with the owner's desire. That's because a republican understands that only God has rights because He owns it all, and that republican govt (see USCON, Art. IV, Sec. 4) exists to protect His rights that He delegates to us. No one can take away His rights. No one. That's what "unalienable" means, as we read in that old piece of paper known as the Declaration of Independence. Sarah Sanders understands this, and walked out peacefully where she was not welcomed.

Be careful what you scream for. Tolerance imposed from the end of a gun [read: lawsuit] may get you a meal in a hostile cafe, but consider the cost: you will be getting a lethal dose of Tyranny as your just desserts.