Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Read health information with your whole brain!!

Folks, are you reading health information using your whole brain? Can you find the mainstream madness and double-mindedness in this statement?

"The kinds of food rich in K2 (organ meats, eggs, and dairy) should not be eaten in excess. This is why supplementation is so important. The Japanese, who eat large quantities of a fermented soybean food, have lower rates of heart disease because of K2."  Source:

Real food that contains K2 is too unhealthy to eat regularly, but it's okay to take a supplement? WHY? This is the kind of Bovine Recycled Grass that comes from those who do not understand nutrition, or who may be hawking supplements. If the Japanese can eat "large quantities" of soybean food (is this sponsored by the soybean industry?), why can't I drink my RAW MILK or eat farm-fresh EGGS or BUTTER liberally? BECAUSE all the brainwashing and vilification of SATURATED FAT would come UNDONE!!!! The Diet Dictocrats would be EXPOSED for the frauds they are!!!

Stearic acid, a saturated fat, is the preferred source of energy for the heart. Where is this wonder food found? In beef tallow! (You might call it "steer"-ic acid.) Beef tallow has 14,000 mg of stearic acid per 100 g. Jonathan Lizotte, founder of Designs for Health, says, "In fact, there is a move in the food industry to enrich fats with stearic acid as an alternative to hydrogenation because of the beneficial effects of stearic acid on lipids and thrombosis." By the way, stearic acid is also found in real chocolate and coconut oil. Mind you: If it's not already there, stearic acid will be patented as a drug for heart disease.

Dr. James Howenstine wrote about Vitamin K2's benefits in removing plaque from the arteries. Vitamin K2 works better to keep the arteries clean than the drug Coumadin, which showed that calcium built up in the aortic valve and coronary arteries. Calcium in the arteries is a KILLER! If you are drinking LOW-FAT MILK, you might want to think twice. It's the fat in the milk that helps the calcium get to the bones and teeth. Without the fat, you are more prone to osteoporosis and/or a heart attack.

A study was done comparing margarine and butter. Teachers were given a special margarine and a diet that included cold cereal, low-fat milk, and no saturated fats. Bankers were instructed to eat butter, steak, and high fat. At the end of the study, the teachers had a slightly lower cholesterol, and EIGHT of them had died during that time. NONE of the bankers died. (Pity, but that's another rant.)

Lord Strathcona, Canada's High Commissioner to England in the late 1800s, ate very little other than eggs — and lived well into his 94 year --on a diet consisting mostly of eggs, butter, and milk. Mind you, this was a century ago and the quality of the food was vastly different. But here's his story, as told by an observer:

Stefansson writes: "I had many opportunities to observe the High Commissioner while I was in London, for he frequently invited me to dinner at his home... Strathcona, a broad-shouldered man taller than six feet, would be seated at one end of the long table, Lady Strathcona at the other. As course after course was served to the rest of us, he would converse, drinking a sip or two of each wine as it was poured. Sometime during the middle of the dinner, his tray was brought: several medium-soft boiled eggs broken into a large bowl, with plenty of butter and with extra butter in a side dish, and, I believe, a quart of whole milk, or perhaps half-and-half. My impression is that they also brought him toast, but that he barely nibbled it, using it a bit as if it were a napkin."

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