Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Warriors that Monsanto Fears Most

 Dear MOTHERS, you are the warriors that make Monsanto pee its pants. If you cook from scratch, buy organic local food, avoid all GMO ~~ their stocks plummet and they die. You don't have to picket or take up arms: you get your butt in the kitchen and learn to cook! Your pots and pans are the weapons that will wield mortal blows to their dastardly schemes.

Let me make this personal, as the corpoRATe killers are making it personal. Kraft's UK product contains paprika for coloring. US macaroni product contains FD&C Yellow #5 and Yellow #6. Does this make you angry? It would if you knew that Yellow 5 is Tartrazine, a coal tar product and one of the worst artificial colors.

• Yellow 5 lowers levels of zinc, which is critical for proper immune functioning.
• Yellow 5 is known to cause asthma attacks. ASTHMA IS THE #1 REASON FOR SCHOOL ABSENTEEISM.
• Tartrazine is banned in Norway and was banned in Austria and Germany until the European Parliament lifted the ban. Studies had shown that tartrazine caused rash, dermatitis, asthma, and runny nose.
• Some anti-depressant medications (SSRI’s) used tartrazine until patients complained. Ironically, tartrazine increases clinical depression and other sensitivities.
• Yellow #5 has caused such severe reactions that the FDA requires that it be noted if contained in medication. None of the other certified dyes have this special requirement.

FD&C Yellow #5 contains Benzidine:
 • Benzidine, is a chemical that is ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds (worst 10%) to human health.
• Benzidine is known to be a carcinogen, cardiovascular or blood toxicant, gastrointestinal or liver toxicant, immunotoxicant, kidney toxicant, and neurotoxicant.
• Benzidine was one of the first chemicals for which an association of occupational exposure and increased incidence of urinary bladder cancer in humans was reported.
• Many studies have found far more Benzidine in food than the allowed 1 ppb, up to 270ppb.
FD&C Yellow 6, also called Sunset Yellow, is another coal tar derivative widely used in medications. Sunset Yellow is banned in Norway. Symptoms of reaction include:
• allergic reactions
• nausea
• vomiting
• abdominal pain
• tumors
• hyperactivity

US Kraft Mac 'n Cheese also contains a form of MSG, whey protein concentrate. MSG is injected into certain lab rats to cause OBESITY. MSG causes migraines, mood swings, violent behavior, depression.

Know what, MOTHER? You are already in the war. You walk into the grocery store, and you are in Enemy Territory. You gonna fight? Or would you rather watch your child struggle to breathe? Would you rather argue with doctors who insist on Ritalin, or buy a cookbook and make a menu?

Here is Basic Training:

1. Learn about FD&C colors.  

2. Learn about Real Food and the Traditional Diet.

3. Get Nourishing Traditions, the best cookbook in the world.

Want to advance in the ranks? Earn your "General Obnoxious Pain-in-the-Corporate Pocketbook" medal: Plant a garden with heirloom seeds. Seek out grass-fed meats, milk, and eggs.

Make your kitchen your Queendom and your home the Castle where your children and family are safe from the enemy. Don't let laziness or indifference be the Achilles Heal in your armor that lets the enemy in. Purpose in your heart that you are the only thing standing between your child and those who want to eliminate him as a "Useless Eater." If it helps, put on your Wonder Woman or Zena Princess Warrior garb...figuratively, of course (unless you shop at Walmart, but I hope that's not the case!). See yourself as a formidable, valiant force that intends on rearing healthy, strong, vital children who will grow up to be fertile and wise and do the same, blessing you with the most gorgeous grandchildren in the world.



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