Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Would Jesus drink moonshine?
Granny Good Food and Grandpa went to church a few weeks ago at a local Lockhart place of worship.

Alas, we were appalled to discover that many of these beautiful, Godly people are drunkards. The irony is that these people are very strict in their doctrine and would never touch a glass of wine or bottle of beer. They have no clue that they are as addicted as the Saturday night souses they try to save from their sins.

Walking into the Sunday school room, there were about 15 people. To GGF’s horror, six of them had not only their Bibles, but large bottles of Diet Coke to sip on during the lesson.

So where’s the alcohol, you say, and why are they drunkards?

Diet Coke contains aspartame. (Not to pick on Coke, it is in Diet Pepsi and most all diet sodas.) The aspartame molecule is made of phenylalanine (50%), aspartic acid (40%), and methanol (10%). The methanol is wood alcohol, which is one of the deadly components found in cheap moonshine.

Testing for FDA approval of aspartame was done on monkeys. Now monkeys can handle copious amounts of methanol, whereas humans can tolerate ethanol. Switch it around, and the monkeys given small amounts of ethanol become deathly ill and humans ingesting methanol become very toxic. Vision is damaged or lost and nervous system impairment including neurosis, learning difficulties, memory lapses, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and digestive disturbances occur.

Perhaps worst of all, methanol is addictive. Very addictive: 20,000 times more addictive than the ethanol found in those sinful Budweiser-type brews.

Dr. H.J. Roberts, a medical doctor and outspoken foe of aspartame, wrote in The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients in January 2000 of his many experiences with addicted patients. Recovering alcoholics said they felt worse after avoiding aspartame than (ethanol) alcohol; parents spoke to him of their children’s wild behavior if denied diet soda or other foods with aspartame; and women, who seem to be more affected, told of the headaches, dizziness, and irritability they endured when giving it up.

“Persons consuming large amounts not only may suffer aspartame disease, but also have difficulty stopping them because of violent and prolonged withdrawal reactions…the hallmark of addiction,” says Dr. Roberts.

Some argue that common foods have methanol, and that the methanol in aspartame is the same as that found in tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. This is a big fat lie, disseminated by industry to unwary and gullible folk. Real food has fiber and a complete spectrum of amino acids, not isolated and genetically engineered such as found in the aspartame molecule.

When the methanol is broken down in the digestive tract, its metabolites include formaldehyde and formic acid. If you are not a corpse, it is in your best interest to avoid all forms of formaldehyde (including that found in your flu shots). Formaldehyde is in the same class of chemicals as cyanide and arsenic, and a Class A carcinogen. It causes genetic damage in extremely small doses. Prospective fathers can damage their future offspring by drinking diet soda. Formaldehyde damages the nervous system, as well as the liver, kidneys, and brain. Some may feel a burning sensation or a bitter taste; that is the methanol breaking down into formaldehyde.

Many Texans are familiar with another metabolite of methanol: formic acid. This is the element that puts the “fire” in the bite of a fire ant. Formic acid is also found in bees and wasps. If formic acid will do such damage on the OUTSIDE, what kind of destruction is going on in the INSIDE when aspartame is taken in? Many people have told me of the pain in their muscles and joints that disappears when they give up the diet soda.

Diane Fleming is a Christian woman not unlike many of the ladies we met that Sunday. Today she is doing 30 years in a Virginia prison for killing her husband by allegedly spiking his Gatorade with methanol. She is innocent, but the jury was ignorant of the murderous nature of methanol. Her husband Charles was an aspartame addict, and it cost him his life. The methanol found in his blood came from the packets of Equal he constantly used to add sweetness to his sports drinks.

When Granny Good Food, waiting for an opportune moment, finally shared the gist of the above information with these brothers and sisters, what do you think their reaction was? Did they realize the error of their ways, and throw the evil brew in the trash where it belongs? Did they say, “Tell us more, and how can we help these bodies that are made in the image of God to heal from our presumptive sins?” Did they, in theological parlance, “repent”?


With the exception of one man, they sat there, poison in hand, and drank while Granny Good Food tried to save their lives. One out of the six immediately took it off the table and appeared glad to hear the Good News. The masses will hear, but only a few will listen.

Would Jesus drink moonshine? Wine, yes. Moonshine, no. And definitely not Diet Coke.

Granny Good Food

PS We’re still looking for a church…

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