Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Grocery Store Blues

Aspartame will fry your brain,
MSG will do the same.
Some fats heal,
Some fats kill.
Growth Hormones will make you ill.

HFCS in all you drink,
Just pour it down the kitchen sink.
Ask for water
When you eat,
You won't get fat and you can think.

Just say NO to bleached white flour
Eat whole grains and you'll have power.
Choose organic
Grown with love,
And you won't get poisoned like a bug.

Nitrates, nitrites, BHT—
Eat hot dogs and sick you’ll be.
Red, yellow,
Green, and blue
FD&C means “Not for you.”

Beware the circled flower green,
Irradiation'll tweak your genes.
Enzymes gone,
Food's been nuked,
Choose "Radura" and you will puke.

Biotech and Starlink corn,
What sorrows wait the babes yet born.
Franken Foods,
If God didn’t make it, let it go.

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