Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Children Need Good Food, NOT Vaccines

Granny Good Food does not believe in vaccines.

She believes that children should eat whole, vital food and play vigorously in the sun without xenoestrogenic sunscreen and drink lots of pure, unmedicated water (read: not fluoridated) and get tucked into bed early with warm hugs and a cool story from Mom or Dad to strengthen their immune systems and protect them from disease.

Despite the lies and damn lies (GGF refrains from using strong language, but in the case of the drug industry, just can’t help herself) of Big Pharma, Big Brother, and Dr. Allopath (aka your family doctor who goes to lunch with the Big Pharma Bimbo Babe sales rep), there is no proof that vaccines are either safe or prevent disease. There is, however, incontrovertible evidence that poor nutrition is fertilizer for disease.

Let Granny Good Food explain what she means by “poor nutrition.” Perhaps many of her readers would paint the mental picture of a child scavenging through urban dumpsters or contending with other stick-children for a bowl of thin gruel and some bagged U.N. rations, washed down with some parasite-laden, foul liquid from the local water hole.

Let not her readers’ minds wander to a far away place with naked brown children surrounded by legions of flies.

Come along with Granny Good Food to the repository of the filthiest, most toxic food the world has ever known, food that is destroying the health and future of children, making them weak and ripe for conquest, or at least, frequent customers of aforementioned Big Pharma. Finding “poor nutrition” is closer and easier than you think, and finding malnourished youngsters is not hard either; you can hear their asthmatic lungs gasping for breath or see them waddling along, chips and soda in their chubby, flaccid grasp.

Dear Reader, open your eyes. This is your local supermarket and you are looking into the faces of hungry, overfed American children.

Do not look to vaccines to protect a child whose diet is replete with over 5,000 sources of aspartame, a deadly drug that was laced into the world’s food supply by acts of treason and sedition, not science. Their chewing gum, yogurt, cereal, candy, vitamins, fruit drinks and juices are lowering their seizure threshold, putting holes in their brains, and making them blind and addicted to the methanol component of the aspartame molecule. Oh yes, and the depression that aspartame causes will undoubtedly put many of them on a prescription for anti-depressants—a cruel irony, considering that SSRI’s and other neuroleptic medications contain—you guessed it, aspartame.

Do not look to vaccines to compensate for the 152 pounds of sugar that the average child will consume every year, the other white drug that kills more people than cocaine and heroine combined. A body full of sugar is a Welcome sign to all sorts of nasty microscopic bugs and viruses – including those incipient in the vaccines themselves.

Do not look to vaccines to undo the damage from bleached, deodorized, rancid, polyunsaturated refined oils that pollute their bloodstream with cancer-causing free radicals, prime them for diabetes with sticky, insulin-resistant cellular membranes, and rob them of the antioxidants that would protect their tender skin from the sun’s burning rays. Failure to give children real foods like non-rBST butter and beef fat will deplete their adrenal glands of the raw material needed to make hormones for growth; their brains will not be able to assimilate any essential omega 3 fats that happen to find their way into the body; and their hearts will not have a critical source of energy in times of stress – like when the body is fighting disease.

Do not look to vaccines to help the child whose milk and beef are shot full of genetically-engineered growth hormones and antibiotics. Leukemia and lymphoma will kill them before pestilence gets the chance.

Do not look to vaccines to safeguard the child from chemical additives and preservatives, most of which are made from ingredients that belong in their parents’ car engine, not their young bodies. FD&C colors like Red #40, Yellow #5 and #6, Blue #1 and #2, and Green #3 are petroleum based additives that cause learning disabilities, behavioral changes, headaches, and immune system suppression. BHA and BHT (the “T” stands for the solvent Toluene) line the bags of their cereals and are incidental ingredients in the vitamins A and D used to fortify their milk. TBHQ is in the oils used to cook their French fries and those yummy fried onions that go on top of green bean casseroles. Infant mice exposed to these chemicals in the uterus had abnormal brains and behavior changes, including increased hyperactivity, sleeplessness, poor grooming habits, decreased reflexes, aggression, and severe learning problems. Thank goodness for Ritalin, Ambien and federal Title X money for Special Education!

Do not look to vaccines to prevent grotesque obesity from MSG, monosodium glutamate, and its 40-plus hidden sources. MSG is injected into certain rats at birth to fatten them up for medical experimentation; most vaccines for children also contain MSG, so tell Granny Good Food again how children injected with MSG will not get fat or how they are not being treated as mere lab rats? MSG explodes brain cells, causes sluggish speech, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, and poor memory—just for starters. One bag of Doritos contains 10 forms of MSG; ALL canned soups and those cheap, just-add-water ramen noodles in a Styrofoam cup have several forms of MSG; now, how many Rx meds are your little ones on?

In fact, do not look to vaccines for health at all. Nor expect that stuff on the shelves of the supermarket that looks similar to food will provide nutrition to a growing young body. The best defense against disease is a healthy immune system nourished by real food. See sites like for reasons to avoid vaccines and or for ways to feed your children with Food for Living People.

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