Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let your kids get sick!

Granny Rant: We have crippled our children with legal drugs, making them chronically ill by attempting to avoid acute illness that is normal, natural, and even beneficial. Older teachers who have been in the classroom for several decades see the increasing numbers of children with diabetes, obesity, asthma, and autism. Younger teachers say it is just that more sick children are mainstreamed; that is just not so.

Kids are druggies these days. We are not talking cocaine, but 'respectable'

drugs like asthma medicines, central nervous system stimulants, and even antidepressants. (1) Savvy entrepreneurs have seen the opportunity to supply a need: "CampDoc" is a hot new business that pre-packages pills for children at summer camps. "With more than 1 in 4 children and adolescents in the U.S. taking prescription medications on a regular basis, and the number of medications being prescribed increasing every day, camps are devoting an excessive amount of time organizing, preparing and distributing medications every summer. Pre-packaged medications through are sent directly to camp in sealed packages, clearly labeled with the camper’s name and dispensing instructions."

Check out a typical packet: Prilosec, Glucophage, Glucotrol, and Zocor. A kid with indigestion? diabetes? high cholesterol? You would think this packet is for a senior citizen! A friend said that her 15 year old went on a school band field trip, and there "was a meeting regarding the medications that kids had to bring." Consider, too, that teachers are part of the 9 of 10 who are on scripted drugs. Do you, like me, give a silent, knowing "humff" when you see the proclamations on the school fences, "Drug Free Zone"?

Over-the-counter remedies are drugs, too, and are not counted in the official stats. Moms think they are doing Baby a favor by knocking out that fever. Not so. It is entirely possible that the OTC remedy for pain and fever will lead to a script for Prilosec, as non-steroidal inflammatory drugs increase indigestion. If Tylenol is used, the liver is depleted of glutathione and detox enzymes, so that subsequent exposure to things like adjuvants in vaccines, environmental assaults (new carpet, paint, perfume), or endogenous toxins in foods (nitrates in hot dogs, FD&C colors, preservatives) cannot be neutralized. Allergies appear, indigestion happens, behavior problems start, learning screeches to a halt. The parent then runs to Dr. WhiteCoat for a Magic Pill because the child must get back to daycare and the parent back to work. There's just no time to let the child convalesce on the couch with Bugs Bunny and homemade chicken noodle soup.

The inconveniences of acute disease are giving your child chronic HEALTH. Let's look at measles. This is a very mild virus that causes an itchy skin rash. Kids get over it quickly and without trauma, and they are all the better for it. Kids who have had measles have less allergies, including dust mite allergies. After measles, psoriasis has been cured. Seizure disorders have disappeared in two weeks after a bout of measles. (2)

Your kid is not a dog, but.....Dr. Will Falconer, an Austin vet who practices homeopathy, wrote recently about puppies who were allowed to have short (5 minutes) exposures to areas where distemper had been found in wild animals. Did they get sick? No! They were tested later and found to have antibodies to distemper, meaning that no vaccine was necessary because they had life-long immunity. Exposure alone, and not a full blown episodic event of disease, was sufficient to cause this immunity. (3)

Say no to drugs, all of them. Let your child's fever run its course. Let him play in the dirt or on the floor. Let him get chickenpox and measles. Let the puppy kiss him. Let him be a kid and explore his world. Let him live.


(1) Cause of death by prescription drugs, 45%; cause of death by street drugs, 39%

(2) Childhood diseases are good for your child:

(3) Dr. Falconer

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dave said...

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They use traditional growing methods. They do not try and hurry the crop and leave it for longer than other countries.
My daughter had signs of an intolerance before we travelled and the family travelling with us had 2 very intolerant members. We all ate regular food - nothing GF. No one had an upset stomach at all after pizza, pasta and breads.
Since returning home to Australia we've purchased Italian grown products at our local supermarket and have moved onto slowly fermented sour dough loaves (on the recommendation of a friend who is a baker), with no problems. GF loaves are highly sweetened and the sour dour is delicious.
This is just our opinion. I'm not trying to stir anyone up, only bring our 'modern' growing, spraying and harvesting methods to light.