Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lights Out for Smart Meters

Right now, go through your house and turn off/unplug HALF of everything electrical that you own. Take out HALF your light bulbs. Unplug your refrigerator for HALF the day. Got a freezer full of food? Let it run only HALF as much as you do now; yes, that means unplugging it for 12 hrs. Use your computer only HALF as much as you do now, including for business purposes. Run your air conditioner only HALF as often as you currently do (regardless of the weather), or if you are in winter, turn off your electrical heaters. Do only HALF as much laundry; this might mean that the baby and the dish towels are a bit more smelly, or that the crusty gym socks must be worn again tomorrow. Oh well.

Such is the future that the Energy Police have planned for all of us, worldwide, in just three years. (1)

How will this be done? With a device called a Smart Meter that will track and report your electrical usage.

The purpose of the Smart Meter is to force your behavior to comply with pre-determined global goals that have been set by corporations whose CEOs believe that 9/10 of the earth's population must be eliminated if the other 1/10 (them) is to survive.

You may see the term DEMAND RESPONSE when you read about Smart Meters. Please understand exactly what that means. We the People have a DEMAND for electricity. The utility has a RESPONSE. Their "response" is to coerce, blackmail, or otherwise humiliate and impoverish us to reduce our "demand." With a handy-dandy Smart Meter installed on your house, the Energy Police can execute a Demand Response by flipping the kill switch and / or raising the price so high that energy customers, aka we, the unwashed masses, will not be able to afford anything but candles, let alone the luxury of refrigerators and freezers and air conditioners and hot water heaters and washing machines. Pity, too, that advances in health and disease control have been historically linked to better sanitation and safer food supply, e.g., bathing and refrigeration made possible with electrical power.


The Energy Police know that (most) intelligent, informed people will not willingly cave in to greedy corporations' plans to send us all back into the Dark Ages, literally. So, they lobby to get the power of the sword, your local rubber-stamping, boot-licking, oh-let's-be-green-and-save-the-planet politician, to MAKE you perform.

Being wise as serpents (but not, to my knowledge, gentle as doves), they know how important it is to hide the real plan, which is to ELIMINATE USELESS EATERS, OF WHICH YOU ARE ONE, and make you think that you are getting a benefit, so they employ their neurolinguistic psycho-babble Newspeak and instead you see this:

“…it is the intent of the legislature that net metering and advanced meter information networks be deployed as rapidly as possible to allow customers to better manage energy use and control costs, and to facilitate demand response initiatives.”

Did you catch it? So that you can "better manage" your energy use. SO YOU CAN PAY THROUGH THE NOSE IF YOU DARE TRY TO LIVE A DECENT, COMFORTABLE LIFE.

Did you see that word "initiatives"? You want to know where these “initiatives” came from? Not from your elected official, who just took the cruise and the hooker and didn't write one word of the policy, and just voted how he was instructed. No, my dear unplugged stinky friend, billionaire Maurice Strong was the man behind the plan to turn your life upside down. He revealed to us in Rio de Janeiro at the Earth Summit in 1992 exactly what we could expect to be taken from our lives by Marxist-globalists preaching the (false) Gospel of Sustainability:

"...[C]urrent lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class - involving high meat consumption and large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and workplace air-conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable. A shift is necessary which will require a vast strengthening of the multilateral system, including the United Nations."


In May, Gov. Perry signed SB 1125 which became effective Sept. 1. "...utilities may adopt energy use programs with measurable and verifiable results that reduce energy consumption through behavioral changes that lead to efficient use patterns and practices.”

I don't know about you, but "behavioral changes" sends a chill up my spine.


Two things make me smile as I look into the dark side of Smart Meters.

One, there’s a line I keep bumping into as I research, “be deployed AS RAPIDLY AS POSSIBLE.” There seems to be an urgency to get a Smart Meter on your house ASAP. What’s the hurry?????

Simply put, ol’ Maurice and his gang of Eco-Rats are TERRIFIED of you learning the truth about the Smart Meter. It is an information collection device that violates your right to privacy and being secure in your home; it is dangerous to health; many decry its inaccuracy and complain of their inflated bills; and much more. They know they must hurry before the people start comparing notes and refuse to be victims of the tyranny.

Two, a petition to stop the Texas PUC from installing Smart Meters on our homes without our consent has been filed. If you live in Texas, I urge you to please consider being included in this petition. See the details at Devvy Kidd's two-part article at The link is posted in Comments. My husband and I are happily going to financially support this endeavor and be included as Petitioners. We simply must do this. Otherwise, that familiar cry, “Remember the Alamo” will soon enough be, “Remember when we had a refrigerator?”

(1) June 2010: Commission Staff recommended that the Commission change the current rule so as to set the demand-reduction goals at 30% in 2012, 40% in 2013, and 50% in 2014. Source: Demand Response & Smart Grid—State Legislative and Regulatory Policy Action Review: May 2010 – June 2011. page 108.

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