Friday, November 2, 2018


If anyone wants to truly understand what this "caravan" is all about, listen again to Mr. Trump's speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 19. He gave them a big ol' beeotch slap right upside the head. No one, not one president, has ever done that before, not since the Luciferians created that nefarious, profane agency of death. Minutes after he began to speak, the globalists and sycophant media began to laugh. 

Who's laughing now? The U.N. has sent 45 agents to accompany the caravan's intended invasion. The U.S. is sending thousands of troops, National Guard, and even citizen militias are preparing to defend the nation. I can only hope those U.N. snakes wear their Blue Helmets to make them an easier target. 

According to many news agencies, the marchers are being funded by Soros' Open Society Foundation, various NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations), radical leftist groups like LIBRE, and even the ostensible humanitarian tentacle agencies of the U.N. They advance in the name of "refugee" but they will die like mercenaries die -- at the hand of those protecting their country.

Do not doubt: This is a MOAT -- the Mother Of All Tests. The USA, with our love for private property, and our organic laws that uphold unalienable rights, and yes -- oh Lordy yes -- our 357 million guns, has been the only nation in the way of their plans for global dominion since its inception. They've tried to replace our Constitution with their Earth Charter; our local political power with Agenda 21 and regional governance councils and sustainable development baal-shit. They've tried to dumb down our children with Common Core. They've tried to reduce our numbers with sundry depopulation schemes, corralling us into tiny apartments while they seize our wildlands in the name of environmental justice. They've destroyed our capitalist business model and given us a Public-Private Partnership paradigm that makes any entrepreneur a pauper if he is not a mega-corporation. And more, so much more fraud and deception has been imposed upon us. And yet -- we've endured. We still have our national identity; we are still the United States of America, one nation under God. And the U.N. warmongers and bankers gnarl their teeth at us. And then -- heh heh (kek kek, for my "Q" friends) -- we go and elect the independent, nationalistic, proud American businessman, Donald J. Trump. 

Last year, President Trump stood before this pit of vipers and had the courageous cajones to use that despised "S" word -- SOVEREIGN -- no less than 21 times. 21!! Not once, not twice, not 15 times, but TWENTY-ONE glorious, in-your-face, kiss-my-patriotic-American-@ss times. 21!! This year, he used the "S" word 13 times. I believe this is probably more times the word Sovereign has been heard at that accursed building than at any other time in its history. Do you love that man, or what? 

If Trump were to back down and acquiesce to the U.N. (don't worry, he won't), the world would have to get used to the taste of boot polish (we won't). America is being tested, and we will pass the test. We must. If the U.N.'s invasion at our southern border succeeds, the world falls, and that's not going to happen. "45" has been raised up for this very day. Thanksgiving Day this year is going to be even more meaningful and joyous than 2016, if that is possible.


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