Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Two Funerals in Two Days: What does it mean?

Is there significance that in the same week, just a day apart, both the despised "Songbird" McCain and a singer lauded as Queen of Soul were buried?

Ariana Grande is a Lilith, a sexually wanton demon of the Babylonian Talmud. What we saw was not a tribute to Aretha, but a sexually explicit ritual performed in front of some of the most immoral and wicked men of our time. Some might have wondered if they were in a church or a strip bar. 

I don't know how deeply Aretha was involved in these debauched things, but in looking at who attended and whom she has been close to over the years, it seems that she would have approved of the despicable performance. 

With the execution of the traitor "no name" (yes, folks, he was executed), others of his ilk are put on notice that their betrayals will not get a free pass. They are terrified; their comms are gone and like kids in grammar school, they can only pass notes to each other during their convocation at funerals.

Our nation has been held captive politically and culturally by spiritual forces of wickedness. I do believe that these two funerals are a sign to us that times are changing -- if we allow it. If we turn from our wicked ways, if we refuse to be part of the occultic, satanic culture, if we refuse to idolize the "stars" who are minions of evil, if we protect our children from this ungodly influence, our nation can be saved from its headlong plunge to hell. If.

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