Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Vaccines Are Now Called "Biologics" ~~ Beware!

Vaccines are now "biologics" on hospital admission forms. Watch out, and be sure not to sign your rights away.

Now here's a revelation I just got about this word ~~~

BIO = "Life"
LOGIC = the Greek word /logike/ or /techne/ meaning "reasoning" as an "art" or "craft"

Craft: Old English cræft (West Saxon, Northumbrian), -creft (Kentish), originally "power, physical strength, might" (1)

The word "witchCRAFT" may come to the gentle reader's mind.

If one is familiar with the Book of Genesis, the name Nimrod may have rung a bell with the word /might/, especially in relation to witchcraft -- Nimrod was the originator of all the mystery religions.

"Mighty" is /gibbor/  (2) in Hebrew when it refers to Nimrod: one who magnifies himself, behaves proudly, a tyrant, who is bold, audacious (think Hillary is related to this guy??)

There is God's truth, and then there is man's reasoning/craft/tyranny, where he thinks he is smarter and stronger than God. Vaccines and pharmaceuticals (sorcery, by definition) are biologics in this sense. Avoid them if you love LIFE.




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