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Within the last month, I have become aware of two young girls in separate families being diagnosed with Scoliosis. One has already had surgery and will be convalescing for several weeks. I've seen the picture of the sutures, and it is heartbreaking. What if there were a better way? What if, like so many "diseases" these days, Scoliosis can be traced back to the Modern Diet, or even environmental toxins? What if one could look at this disease as an issue of toxicity or deficiency, either too much of something bad, or not enough of something good?

Scoliosis is labeled as an "Idiopathic" disease in four out of five cases, meaning "Unknown cause of disease." Experts claim that they don't know what does cause Scoliosis, but they are emphatic that it is not due to "diet, posture, genes, or carrying heavy things." This leads us to ask, "How do we know Scoliosis is not due to diet, posture, genes, etc.?" Because it's idiopathic. No one ever said medicine had to be logical. 

There is confusion among the experts about a possible genetic link. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons says,"scoliosis can occur in several people within a family. When it does, there is probably a genetic component to its cause."  "Probably," but not for sure. And here's a radical thought, is it more likely that people within the same family eat the same food (for better or worse) and that's why scoliosis "occurs...within a family"?

Boston Children's Hospital goes so far as to say, " one genetic link has been confirmed.
However, in 2007, Dr. Anne Bowcock at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis claims to have found that Gene CHD7 is the culprit.  The problem with this theory is that it leaves current patients in Medical No Man's Land, without hope except for braces and the surgeon's knife, while the industry develops and tests drugs.
“If we understand the genetic basis of the condition, we can theoretically predict who is going to develop scoliosis and develop treatments to intervene before the deformity sets in. It may take many years to accomplish these goals, but I think it will eventually happen.”
Within weeks of Dr. Bowcock's announcement, paleontologists at the University of California Santa Cruz published a study showing that genes of Neolithic mankind responded to their diet. Drs. George Perry and Nathaniel Dominy concluded that people who descend from high-starch eating ancestors have many extra copies of the amylase gene which assists starch digestion than those people who descend from their more carnivorous contemporaries. 

So, if diet could change the genetic structure of the caveman, is it possible that the Modern Diet ~~ or some other environmental influence~~ could also predispose today's children to be at risk for Scoliosis, if there is, indeed, a genetic cause? 

And here's the most important question. If genes can change for the worse and cause disease, can genes be repaired, and the person healed? In other words, if poor diet is the trigger for genetic damage, can't a proper diet be the impetus for healing, without the long, tortuous years of waiting for Dr. Bowcock's team to develop treatments? A whole new science is developing called Nutrigenetics, or sometimes called Nutrigenomics, that is dedicated to studying the gene-diet-disease link.

For a child faced with inevitable surgeries and braces, what's it going to hurt to look at the diet with its possible deficiencies, to consider environmental factors, and to seek professional care from a knowledgeable, compassionate chiropractor? 

In my estimation, there is always a "cause," but sometimes it is not pleasant or politically correct to face the truth. Many factors are at play in keeping the cause of Scoliosis 'idiopathic': [insert name of deep-pocket lobby], federal regulators who more often than not go to work for those they previously regulated, and maybe not the least of all, ingrained bigotry and biases against considering simple, unprofitable solutions like diet all work against people knowing the truth and having access to real solutions.   

The spine is made of bone and connective tissue. Minerals in great quantity are needed for skeletal and connective tissue health. For instance, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus are essential for bone; potassium is needed for muscle, tendon, and ligament strength. Are children getting these essential minerals? No, emphatically no. Listen to this expert testimony:

"Do you know that most of us today are suffering from certain dangerous diet deficiencies which cannot be remedied until depleted soils from which our food comes are brought into proper mineral balance?"

"The alarming fact is that foods now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain minerals are starving us - no matter how much of them we eat. No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he requires for perfect health because his stomach isn't big enough to hold them."

"Laboratory test prove that the fruits, the vegetables, the grains, the eggs, and even the milk and the meats of today are not what they were a few generations ago (which doubtless explains why our forefathers thrived on a selection of foods that would starve us!)"

"No man today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his stomach with the mineral salts he requires for perfect health, because his stomach isn't big enough to hold them! And we are turning into big stomachs."

"It is bad news to learn from our leading authorities that 99% of the American people are deficient in these minerals, and that a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease. Any upset of the balance, any considerable lack or one or another element, however microscopic the body requirement may be, and we sicken, suffer, shorten our lives."
Now for the shocker. These quotes were spoken in 1936.  They are from the 74th Congress, Second Session, Senate Document #264. This is 2012. Do you think the situation has improved in 76 years? Our children are visible answers to that question. 

Here are some starting points to consider if "Scoliosis" is affecting someone you love.

Sugar depletes all the minerals critical to bone health, as well as B Vitamins; the average consumption is an unbelievable 150+ pounds per person annually. Sugar causes the body to become acidic, and bone minerals are pulled out to keep the blood in a homeostatic, slightly alkaline range. 

Chromium helps with sugar metabolism, but many people do not consume foods with this mineral, even moreso with the emphasis on gluten-free or low-carb diets. Chromium foods include onions, tomatoes, brewer's yeast, oysters, whole grains, bran cereals, potatoes and black pepper. Honestly, do you or your kids eat oysters regularly? Or whole grains prepared properly by soaking or sprouting? Or potatoes baked with the skin on...french fries don't count!! Bran cereals are problematic with pulling out fat-soluble vitamins.

Worse than sugar is high fructose corn syrup. Though some damage control by the HFCS industry is being desperately attempted by calling this poison "Corn Sugar", a rose is a rose...  Any and all foods containing this sweetener that makes children's muscles flacid and flabby and gives them an alcoholic's fatty liver should be avoided with the utmost diligence.

Fluoride is the enemy of collagen and bones. Fluoride causes premature and excessive wrinkling of the skin and sagging of tissues (like breasts!!). In areas that are fluoridated, hip fractures and joint pain are more common, due to the destructive nature of this chemical being pervasive in food and water. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, reducing the production of melatonin, which is critical for quality sleep. 

"It should be noted that many of my friends who do have scoliosis have sleeping problems... That's because the pineal gland isn't functioning like it used to and has below average melatonin. That's just the observation and hence some melatonin supplements and morning sun gazing is needed to reset the body's clock....Pineal glandular damage that I am aware of is the excess calcification and fluorides that are found in several thousand parts per million and this is high preventing normal functioning...The fluoride accumulation leads to long term pineal gland damage...avoid fluoridated and chlorinated toxins." --Ted at Earthclinic

Fluoride is naturally chelated out by sufficient IODINE, but very few people get enough of this critical mineral. Iodine cannot be attained through iodized salt. The chloride portion of the sodium chloride molecule commonly called "salt" prevents uptake of the iodine (the halogens Chlorine, Bromine, and Fluorine are antagonistic to Iodine). The Japanese get around 12.5mg of iodine daily; compare this to the RDA for American diets of 150mcg. If these amounts were dollars, it would translate to $1,250 vs. $15. Imagine sending the bank $15 for your monthly mortgage payment! Imagine even worse consequences for the human body deficient in iodine!! 

In 1963, commercial bakers switched iodated flours to brominated flours, thus in one move eliminating a source of iodine and replacing it with a toxic halogen. The next year, 1964, Pepsico gave America one of the worst soft drinks of all, Mountain Dew, which contains brominated vegetable oil. Bromine affects thyroid health, and an unhealthy thyroid can result in bone loss.   Considering that bromine causes psychotic disorders, and Mtn. Dew is the #4 top selling soda, it's no wonder that sales of drugs for depression, even among children, are growing. Anti-depressant drugs contain either fluoride or aspartame, adding fuel to the fire.

Saturated fat is needed for uptake of minerals. Substitution of new-fangled fats like margarine and refined oil for the saturated animal fats of traditional diets may be a key factor in scoliosis.

Without Vitamin K-2, found in butter, cream, egg yolks, hard cheeses like Edam and Gouda, and liver (every child should get liver at least once a week), calcium hardens the arteries and soft tissues, and does not get taken up by the bones. Low-fat milk, now preached as ambrosia by the Diet Gods, is one of the worst foods children could possibly consume. Every protein food has fat with it. The fat in milk is essential for the uptake of the calcium and for proper digestion of protein. If a child drinks low-fat milk exclusively, I guarantee there will be allergies (evidence of malabsorption of protein) and bone problems. Yet, do you know of any school district that serves children WHOLE MILK?

Refined oils like canola, corn, and soybean oil are replacing the good saturated fats, and even promoted by the USDA and FDA as "healthy" polyunsaturated fats. This is nutritional malpractice.  Refined oils cause a chronic, underlying inflammation, and inflammation leads to bone loss. (See #7)

Cottonseed oil, an industrial oil that was never meant for human consumption, is often hydrogenated and used in many commercial baked goods as margarine. Hydrogenated fats do not nourish the axon and myelin sheath of nerve tissue. Hydrogenated fats interfere with the proper metabolism of essential fatty acids, which are needed for hormone health. Without proper hormone production (pregnenolone in the adrenal glands), there is not proper bone turnover, and connective tissue and muscle integrity greatly suffer.

Balance is the key to health. Calcium is needed for bones, but today we see too much calcium in relation to magnesium. The body pushes out excess calcium through the urine, and unfortunately it takes magnesium with it. The proper ratio of calcium to magnesium is said to be 2:1, but it is more commonly 6:1 in the American diet. (Many health professionals believe the ratio should be 1:1.) 

Calcium is over-sold as the magic bullet to bone health. This is because the Milk Lobby has a louder voice than the Green Leafy Vegetables lobby, so no one will ever see an ad, "got Spinach?" The quantity of calcium in the American diet is not the problem. It's ABSORPTION. Without enough stomach acid (made from minerals) and a proper amount of saturated fat and complimentary magnesium, calcium is very detrimental to health.

Foods with high magnesium include almonds, sesame, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, black beans, dark chocolate, molasses, and even WATERMELON SEEDS. Please teach your children to eat the whole piece of watermelon, and not to spit out an excellent source of life-giving magnesium. Watermelon seeds by themselves are roasted and eaten as a snack by children in Africa. For every one cup of seeds, there is 556mg of magnesium. This means that if a slice of watermelon contains about 1/4 cup of seeds, there could be an extra 139mg magnesium just in the seeds! Need I mention that "Seedless Watermelons" are from Nutrition Hell?

Instead of serving your child peanut butter that can have aflatoxin mold, why not mix up Almond Butter with some Tahini (sesame seed paste, found in the Middle Eastern foods aisle) and Molasses? Or for older children, make a snack of Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, and Dark Chocolate morsels? (get real dark chocolate, not the Toll House morsels.) And Refried Black Beans topped with some quality Cheddar cheese rolled up in a traditional corn tortilla (corn, lime, water) is a powerhouse of nutrition.   

There are some easy, affordable remedies to improve the calcium/magnesium balance and remove excess calcium from the body with simple baking soda and magnesium citrate. Sun-gazing improves pineal function and a vibrational therapy called Atlas Profilax replicates the frequency of magnesium. 
Without sufficient magnesium, potassium levels will be low. Potassium gives strength to muscles; muscles connect to bone via tendons. Sugar depletes potassium very quickly and can often result in a trip to the chiropractic office due to subluxations when the bones are not held in place properly with muscular support. Potassium is lost in sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea. Signs of potassium deficiency are loss of muscle strength, especially in the calf of the leg, fatigue, mental confusion and memory loss, psychotic behavior, poor sleep (see #2 above and scoliosis's connection to poor sleep), and constipation. I interviewed a pediatrician last year and asked her what she considered the Number One issue with children. Without hesitation, she replied, "Constipation."

Once again, dark green leafy vegetables to the rescue! Spinach contains potassium and fiber. Cooked (steamed) and served with plenty of butter, spinach will build healthy bones. Raisins, baked potatoes, and coconut water are also very high in potassium. Not many kids will refuse a green smoothie made with Spinach, Mango, Banana, and Coconut Water. Call it 'Shrek Juice' or 'Dragon Snot,' and they will giggle their way to good health. 

Bone stock and gelatin were mainstays in our grandmother's day. The soup pot was rarely empty. Whole chickens were boiled with the addition of a bit of vinegar to pull out the minerals and dissolve the cartilage. The liquid stock was used to make everyone's favorite, Chicken and Dumplin's, or even that cure-all, Homemade Chicken Soup. 

Today we separate out the prized muscle meat and rarely get bone stock. The canned stuff that is promoted on holidays is not stock; that is broth made from meat and fat. Stock is made from bones. Plus, it most likely has a neurotoxic dose of MSG or autolyzed yeast, which is problematic in itself. 

Those skinless, boneless chicken breasts may be easy and quick, but they are not a complete food. They are heavy on an amino acid called L-Tryptophan, which causes inflammation if not balanced with glycine and L-Proline.  Glycine and L-Proline are abundant in that old-fashioned dessert: Gelatin. 

Do not dare think that Granny is suggesting that you prepare the gelatin found in the grocery store that is nothing but artificial colors and chemical flavors, that is fruit-flavored but never came near any real fruit! For my family, I purchase gelatin by the pound or five-pound bags from Now Foods. A little pricier is the gelatin from Great Lakes, which offers a hydrolyzed gelatin that mixes instantly in liquid. You can also purchase unflavored gelatin at the grocery store ("Knox"), but this is a porcine source, and our family does not consume pork or boiled pork skins.

Inflammation is really harsh on the health. Children are not spared its ravages. Inflammation releases cytokines, and cytokines result in bone loss. A diet high in refined oil, excitotoxic MSG and aspartame, low-fat commercial dairy, and muscle meat causes a chronic, low-grade inflammation. Depending on the part of the body affected, this can present as arthritis, Crohn's, colitis, IBS, asthma, COPD, kidney disease, or neuropathy (pain). With all these systems of the body affected by inflammation, how is it that skeletal irregularities could not be considered part of the picture in scoliosis? 

And guess what? The drugs given for these diseases of malnutrition cause more bone loss!! Just one popular medication given to suppress inflammation, Prednisone, causes loss of calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin D, zinc, Vitamin C, B-6, folate, selenium, and chromium. Prednisone or its cousin corticosteroids are prescribed for asthma. Childhood asthma is the number one reason for school absenteeism. It's no wonder then, that 10% of children are said to have Scoliosis.  

Many children are getting vaccines that are laden with foreign DNA and viral particulate matter, and this material must be dealt with by the body. Often it is stored in nervous tissue, including the spinal cord. A healing technique developed by Dr Gary Young, ND, called Raindrop Therapy using essential oils is very promising.  
 Within the last ten years, Dr. Gary Young, ND., from Young Living Research Clinic, Springville, UT. has discovered that a majority of scoliosis sufferers have a virus in the spine, causing the spine to painfully go out of alignment. After doing several thousand applications of a technique called Raindrop, he watched hundreds of patients with scoliosis, have a realignment. Today, thousands are now benefiting from this discovery and avoiding the unnecessary operations currently being used as a method of treatment.

Dr. Young's theory after seeing the successful results, is that scoliosis is a VIRUS OR BACTERIA that lies dormant or active along the spine. These pathogens create inflammation, which contorts and disfigures the spinal column. For this reason, many people who use rods, only find later the operation did not help, for the virus was still intack within the spine. This means if the virus activates again, it takes the rods and spinal cord out of alignment together! As the virus progresses, it creates a greater disturbance to the bone and tissues.
Scoliosis affects mostly girls, and at a time when the body demands great amounts of a hormone called progesterone. Yet, due to the Modern Diet with its plethora of soy foods, and the environment that is awash in xenoestrogens, the young girl's body is likely to be lacking in this hormone. She is most likely to be imbalanced, and what is known as Estrogen Dominant. Progesterone supplementation should be investigated, as well as including foods like green peas, nuts, seeds, and egg yolk for superior hormonal production.

Before letting doctors cut into my child's central nervous system, I would do all I could to address the nutritional imbalances that may be present. I would seek a qualified CHIROPRACTOR and do the least invasive first.  Surgically fusing bones or inserting rods and pins will not correct the problem if it, indeed, is due to malnutrition. It is hard to admit that in America, the Land of Plenty, our children could be starving and their bodies crying out for real food. But, my friends, that is exactly the case. Taking a hard, objective, informed look at our pantry, freezer, and fridge is not optional if we want our children to be spared the ravages of Modern Disease caused by the Modern Diet. 

Spend some time looking at the health of children when they ate the Traditional Diet, as taught by the Weston A. Price Foundation and Price-Pottenger Nutritional Foundation. Get a copy of Dr. Price's book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. It's a hefty tome, but don't be discouraged. Just look at the pictures of children who ate their native diet, and then look at them as Dr. Price documented them after several years on the Modern Diet. As they say, it's worth a thousand words.

Concurrently, I would work on eliminating all hidden infections using essential oils. Last but not least, consider that hormones must be balanced for optimal health in many areas. 

The body was made to heal itself. Given the proper tools as described above, it will certainly do so, regardless of what "disease" label assigned.

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Unknown said...

Great article please don't write too much long articles about Scoliosis treatment i can't read with a long time.

Perimenopause mama said...

I have been fighting for my son and shoveling calories in him for two years, No weight gain, spine curve at 51 %.
I just put this all together and I am so upset I did not know about this prior. Thank goodness for the internet and better help than Dr's are willing to give.

Anonymous said...

I turned raw vegan, meditated and with yoga I cured my scoliosis, tinnitus and my loss of hair within 1 year with everyday training. Best decisions of my life and I will never look back. I love my new life and appreciate everyday. I love you and I want to spread it to anyone I can

Aroma P said...

thank-you for this article, packed with the information I have been looking for. My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis last year and at the age of 15 she is finding it very hard to come to terms with, as she sees herself as 'abnormal'. She has been offered a body brace but at the moment is having physiotherapy, osteopathy and is seeing a chiropractor as well as having treatment from me (I'm a clinical aromatherapist) we have been modifying her diet too, but on reading this I realise this is an area we really need to work on. So I'm off to chat to my mother-in-law who is an 'old fashioned' cook to get some tips. Cheers

Unknown said...

Utter bull shit. I know you are not a licensed MD. You better hope I don't find out where you live and report your ass for practing medicine without a license. A lot of scoliosis cases, including mine, are caused by weak muscles in the back that fail to support the spine properly. QUIT PLAYING PRETEND DOCTOR, AND GIVING FALSE HOPE TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW BETTER. Ashleigh Rose, Facebook.
P.S. I am about 2 seconds away from blasting your ass on Facebook. I will makes sure every Tom, Dick, and Harry know that you are a fraud, you have a week to shut down this blog before I make your life a living hell.

Unknown said...

Utter bull shit. I know you are not a licensed MD. You better hope I don't find out where you live and report your ass for practing medicine without a license. A lot of scoliosis cases, including mine, are caused by weak muscles in the back that fail to support the spine properly. QUIT PLAYING PRETEND DOCTOR, AND GIVING FALSE HOPE TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW BETTER. Ashleigh Rose, Facebook.
P.S. I am about 2 seconds away from blasting your ass on Facebook. I will makes sure every Tom, Dick, and Harry know that you are a fraud, you have a week to shut down this blog before I make your life a living hell.

Marnie said...

Ashleigh Rose, from Facebook, says this is UB -- but where are her facts? Does she think only doctors know facts? My husband was a doctor and he didn't learn a thing about nutrition in med school, so he was never the person to ask. I know this is real because I've lived it. I was diagnosed with low potassium, Vitamin D, etc, had thin hair when it used to be tremendously thick, had SO many aches and pains -- I won't go into that as it's extensive. I had the very best medical treatment -- my husband was an MD, as I said -- but the surgeries and other treatment did not fix this. I finally diagnosed myself with a gluten intolerance, and that's when my life began to get better. Gluten can kill you, if you havbe4 an intolerance from it. Gluten-free is my way of life now. And, until Ashleigh Rose can support her rant with facts, pay no attention to her. MCPacheco Indialantic, FL

Nandini said...

Hi Mark!
I have chronic pain symptoms for the past whole year. Doctors haven't been able to figure out what condition I had and gave the term 'fibromyalgia' to my condition. Later on with my own research I found that I could possibly have Lyme Disease. I was determined to find my way to Wellville, I discovered juicing and it gave me phenomenal results. I was also intrigued with the component of emotions and past life trauma that could play a huge role in healing. I do have scoliosis; my diet is predominantly raw; I do yoga and meditation.
I was thrilled to see your story of healing ! Could you please share more of it ? Would love to hear:)

Nandini said...

Hi Mark!
I have chronic pain symptoms for the past whole year. Doctors haven't been able to figure out what condition I had and gave the term 'fibromyalgia' to my condition. Later on with my own research I found that I could possibly have Lyme Disease. I was determined to find my way to Wellville, I discovered juicing and it gave me phenomenal results. I was also intrigued with the component of emotions and past life trauma that could play a huge role in healing. I do have scoliosis; my diet is predominantly raw; I do yoga and meditation.
I was thrilled to see your story of healing ! Could you please share more of it ? Would love to hear:)

DVD123 said...

Well, well, well; In the beginning you were on the right track with your little conspiracy theory. It is all about the money. That's right. If the true cause was known, it would have our governments running for the hills. Luckily there is a relative easy sollution to prevent a lot of problems. Something that really doesn't do that much harm anymore, technology is on our side, Google is on our side... well them along with others that are now providing schools with less heavy educational materials. THEY say it isn't carrying weights that cause scoliosis. Tell that to the children that were picking up grains in the field, doing heavy work bending over all day forcing their spine in awkward positions, and damaging the spinal growthplates until depleted from nutriens needed to stay healty. Tell it to the Carusi boys working as slaves in the mines of Sicily, the racalmutesi immiruti or more understandable for you english speaking, the hunchbacked of Racalmuto. No discrimination intended, just as a historical proof that when children are forced to carry heavy loads, they will develop deformation of the spine, grow to be hunchbacked, contorted torso, short stature, all definite signs of scoliosis. Going through military records in europe, males working in agriculture and mines were mostley rejected because spinal deformity, I bet the record in the USA will show the same thing go do some digging in them military records of rejected conscripts. City workers in warehouses carrying heavy weights were also more often rejected. You could argue that could also be because malnutrition, but there are many instances of reported scoliosis in wealthier people as well, where malnutricion played no role. The olden days were not better nutricion wise. So where do our children carry heavy weights these days... at school obviously, them heavy books slung over one shoulder, displacing the center of gravity, putting immense large forces on the spinal growingplates. Hell Curt Cobain killed himself after his backpain was agravated by painkilling medication causing his stomac be ruined. This guy believed the weight of his guitar to be the cause... bet it were them books he was carrying at school. Do your math, studies in India claim the max weight carried by minors should not exceed 5% of the bodyweight. Doing so for more than 30 minutes per day, repeatedly every day, for years during the spinal growth will do no good. Ad a little bit of the law of Hueter & Volkmann and do some thinking. Bone growth modification, if it can be done in a rats tale, by dialing up the force asymmetrically, who says it doesn't happen in the spines of our children carrying them schoolbags. Sure, easy to fix, fess up that weight is a mayor player in causing idiopatic adolescent scoliosis... wait for it. No, can't do. There is the part of our governments in the entire world that are aware of this problem, think of the liability suits of them not providing information needed to prevent this harm done by activities that are required for our children to part take. It is that compulsory education that children have to part take. No choice in not taking all books to class, if your missing your book because you thought that darn bag was heavy enough, to detention you go for your friday afternoon. No way, I'm going to school for enough time already without them detention, so I will carry the damn bag. If it is not scoliosis you get, there is kyfosis or lordosis... if not that, your spinous process might develop a bend due to carrying heavy weights. In about 500 years someone will be looking at your kids bones and say they were carrying to much weight. Lesson learned by then you say... well them same people are looking at them 4.500 year old bones of them people building the pyramids at this moment, and seeing the evedence of carrying to much weight... THEY KNOW!!! They have known since the late 1800's.

Granny Good Food said...

Well, it appears that cranky Ashleigh Rose did contact the Texas Medical Board in 2015 and alleged that I was practicing medicine w/o license. (Or maybe it was vaccine trolls at Facebook who got upset when I said that parents should read vaccine inserts -- wowza, how trolls hate real education!) I was contacted by their Senior Investigator. I reminded the TMB that as a Naturopath who is not governed by TMB, that they had the wrong trustee. They dropped all charges. It appears that there is still freedom of speech in this great nation and that speaking truth in love is still lawful.

Owais said...

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Walid Dakhel said...

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Walid Dakhel said...
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Walid Dakhel said...

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Arti Rani said...

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