Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Separation of School and State

In a few days, Lockhart voters will decide whether or not to give the School Board trustees a $65 million dollar credit card that will have a final tally of $118,022,148. The true cost of the school bond must be counted in more than principle and interest.

First we must dispel the false arguments, lies, white elephants, and rabbit holes.
  • “How will children ever learn science on a table that is [xx] years old!”
  • “It’s only [$xx] per month extra.”
  • “If you don’t vote for this bond, you hate my children.”
  • “Lockhart is embarrassing (“refrigerator box”) in light of our neighboring schools (“Taj Mahal”).
  • “Growth is coming, so let us go into debt now instead of later.”
Moot, every one.

In my health counseling practice, I look for causes rather than merely observe symptoms. Thus, the diagnosis:

This nation was founded as a republic. Now many Democrats have just yawned, but I am not referring to the Republican Party. By “republic” I mean that government which made America the beacon of hope, liberty, and prosperity for all the world since 1620. The American republic is based on the foundational truth that government’s only job -- only -- is to secure property rights. If you think of all the realm of law, every single criminal or civil suit that has ever existed before any judge anywhere can be distilled down to a violation of someone’s property rights (referring to not only land and home, but anything one possesses, his character, his intellectual property and creations, etc.)

You can argue the exact date that it happened (1865? 1871? 1906? 1913? 1933?), but this is no longer a republic because there are no property rights. When a man’s home can be auctioned by the sheriff for failure to pay taxes, his rights have been conveyed into privilege. When the majority of voters can do by 50 percent plus one what would be illegal for an individual to do, there are no property rights. Without property rights to protect, there is no republic.

We are under a system of governance called socialist democracy, when all things are held in common by society, and that society can determine by majority vote how and to whom property is transferred, until another majority decision transfers the property to yet another individual or group deemed more worthy.

We have (had) property rights because we are (were) a nation founded upon eternal truths of the Bible. First thing to know: God owns everything, having the Sovereign status of Creator. Being made in His image, we are therefore, also sovereigns and under His command to “be fruitful and multiply,” “subdue,” and “rule over,” -- otherwise known as dominion.

How expedient for caesars and monarchs past to keep this truth hidden and thus, their station as Vox Deus secure. Darn those pesky meddlers like Wycliffe and Tyndale who translated the Latin and Greek and Hebrew into English, making the common farmer as knowledgeable of these precepts as the Pope. And then old Guttenberg just had to go invent the printing press; thrones began to crumble as men awakened to their true destiny and birthright: that each of them was born with the unalienable Divine Right of Kings. Of course, all mankind made in His image have these rights, not just Americans. But it was the American government that first put it in writing, making our nation unique in the history of the world.

When men recognize and honor the King of Kings, there is peace in all realms because the law of love is written on the heart (the New Covenant). You can leave your house unlocked, your keys in the car, and you can share all that you have with those in need because no one deceives in order to gain unjustly. But not all men serve Him, and they rebel against the intended order. They violate property rights, teaming up with others of like mind in political alliances. They may choose to use such terms as “Philanthropy” or “Social Justice,” but the end is the same. They plunder their neighbor legally with forced contributions in the guise of taxes or bonds and public debt, and though they proclaim the high praises of God in the most respected churches, they have become cutthroats and thieves, and blood is on their heads.

We are told to eat bread by the sweat of our brow. Sweat comes from water drawn from the blood. To steal the fruit of a man’s labor, either by robbing him directly or through the collective power of the vote, is to take his blood wrongfully. Just as a murderer is found with the victim’s blood on his hands, so a socialist is a murderer. When a man must work and work and have less and less because of legal plunder, he becomes stressed. His adrenal glands put out cortisol and his body becomes inflamed; diabetes develops; weight goes up; obesity occurs; muscles waste away, with injury to the kidneys; the immune system is suppressed and cancer or auto-immune disease takes hold; indigestion is constant; the heart is denied oxygen because of clogged, inflamed arteries; fertility is affected by erectile dysfunction or anovulatory cycles. The doctor is consulted, who gives a plethora of pills for each of the maladies, leading to further chaos and morbidity. What neither the patient nor the doctor understands is that there is no pill for bloody socialism. The only cure is knowledge of God’s law and application of that Law through love for one’s neighbor.

Certain cultures have been known to practice cannibalism and blood lust, excited by either drugs or rituals. In the occultism of the dark arts, cannibalism and drinking blood of innocent victims is known to occur. Civilized, compassionate people are repelled by such depravity. Yet, are not the laws, “Thou shalt not steal” and “Thou shalt not kill” in the same Decalogue? Is not the violation of one by collective, legal plunder just as wicked as satanic ritualistic murder? Are not both victims dead as a doornail, the less fortunate by the hand of his neighbor at the voting booth, spurred on by frenzied greed and bloodlust for aggrandizement of the neighbor’s own children at the cost of his fellow man’s very life? For sure, the victim of socialist democracy is worse off because he has been betrayed by his friends and brothers whom he trusted, leaving him twice injured.

Most who would be indicted by the preceding evidence have not made it this far. Their consciences being seared by sin, they plunge headlong into their own destruction and will hear no admonishment. A people that steals and kills among their own brethren is damned. There is no peace, but strife and enmity. Prosperity cannot always be measured in dollars.
Proverbs 6
16 These six things doth the LORD hate : yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, 19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.
Repentance is a must. First, eliminate property taxes. Second, education is a ministry of grace and is not a function of government. The agency that has the authority to protect property rights by bearing the sword (the power to kill) should not have the power to train children (nor be involved in health care!). The separation of school and state is a requisite for God’s blessing.

Balaam was hired by the wicked king to curse the Israelites. He could only speak blessings, though, because their obedience to God ensured their protection. He informed the king that to bring curses on them, they needed to be enticed to disobey. Nothing has changed since that ancient time. We obey, we are blessed; we disobey, we are cursed. School bonds will be proposed again and again to remind us of our bondAGE in disobedience. Rather than just rallying against them, we need to be pro-active and get to the root of the problem. Put another way, bond proposals are God’s way of illuminating our sin of blurring the lines of His divine authority.

The state does not have a womb. Men and women beget children as gifts from God, and their responsibility is to nurture them -- and yes, to educate them. We read that "education comprehends all that series of instruction and discipline which is intended to enlighten the understanding, correct the temper, form the manners and habits of youth, and fit them for usefulness in their future stations." This responsibility may be shared with those representing the church community, but not by those who are paid to inculcate the policies of the state, which only exists to protect parents as they rear their children.
"Parents give up their rights when their children cross the threshold of the public school door. This was recently made crystal clear by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. When a few parents in Palmdale, California learned that their children's school had permitted researchers to interview first, third and fifth grade students about such things as sexual urges and fantasies, they became outraged and took the matter to court. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard the case and concluded that when parents place their children in a public school, they forfeit any right to determine what or how their children are taught. The school may teach anything it wishes in any way it wishes. It may allow researchers, special interests, social activists, and anyone else it chooses access to students."
I will put a sign in my yard as a wake-up call, and I hope the bond is defeated. But the real victory is when God’s people feel sorrow for not listening to the Voice of their Deliverer, who wants to bless them with all good things. Let the dead bury the dead, and let the wise turn and seek alternatives to state – statist – indoctrination.

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