Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Diagnosis of Illiteracy

In functional medicine, one gets to the ROOT of the disease rather than deals with symptoms. Illiteracy is epidemic. What is the CAUSE?

Surely it is not the individual psychopathology. As Dr. Hilde Mosse (M.D.) states, "An epidemic is caused by external forces, not by defects in the individual." [Let us consider that this would be equally apropos applied to the vaccine-induced brain injury epidemic, aka 'autism.']

The root cause of illiteracy:

First, the presuppositional world view that MAN IS AN ANIMAL.

Second, the belief that the State is responsible for education.

These two lies have forged the chains on our minds and made America a bloody, stupid hell.

This thought that MAN IS AN ANIMAL is the foundational tenet of the bastard science of psychology, and psychology was the foundation of progressive education. Bastard science? Yes, because it is illegitimate, and not science at all. Science is evidence. One cannot prove that the soul does not exist, yet these profligates declared, "The soul can no longer exist in the face of our present-day physiological knowledge." (Wundt, 1911)

Psychology is more than illegitimate. It is theological heresy because its prime focus is to nullify Scriptural truth that man is created with a soul; the word "soul" in Greek is /psuche/, from which we get the word psychology. Funny, isn't it ~~ psychology says it studies the soul, but its very work is to persuade believers that there is no soul.

Fido and Kitty don't have a soul; neither does Johnny. Fido and Kitty don't read; neither should Johnny. Fido and Kitty need to be trained to obey their master (good luck with Kitty), and Johnny needs to be trained to obey. Whom he obeys is the crux of the matter, isn't it?

The Classroom Becomes a Psychology Lab

Wilhelm Wundt opened a laboratory for Experimental Psychology in Leipzig, Germany, in 1879. It is fairly safe to say that without Wundt there would have been no Hitler, as his theories paved the way for the Fuehrer. Ideas have consequences, you know.

G. Stanley Hall, an American, was his star pupil. Hall said that children should be allowed to live through their simian (monkey) stage of evolution and express their "animal spirits" until around age eight. Let the child be cruel and rude, for he is not ready to be moralized. Every mother who has reared children knows the idiocy of this idea; any child left to his own "animal spirits" would not live to be eight years old. Yet, Hall became the darling of American psychologists and extended his influence to education, bringing Wundt's ideas to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

One of Hall's most famous students was John Dewey, who, like his mentor, set up a laboratory school at the University of Chicago. Now, what do you think happened in this experimental lab?

Dewey's goal was to discover a curriculum that would produce a different kind of American, one who eschewed independent thinking, one who hated capitalism, one who embraced the idea that the individual existed for the benefit of the collective -- or in other words, the state. This new American would not be American at all, but a socialist who embraced the ideas of another German that these psychologists adored, Karl Marx.

Dewey believed that learning to read in early years was a "perversion" that must be dealt with. His solution was to use a method of reading that was employed with deaf children who could not make a sound-symbol relationship. Words had to be memorized as whole words, instead of being decoded as individual letters. This was mentally crippling to the non-deaf child. And that was as it was intended to be.

The other tool Dewey found useful was the WORKBOOK. Endless, useless, meaningless worksheets that kept children busy and unengaged in the true work of education, studying the great minds that had gone before, learning to discern between the good and bad, and to choose the good. The workbook was in opposition to the Notebook, which was traditional pedagogy before the progressives sabotaged education.

Revealing the New Mas’sah

In the early 1800s, Massachusetts educator Horace Mann visited the German kingdom of Prussia and brought back some ideas on education, which flew in the face of American education. The Prussian model was Compulsory and Free. Let us read "free" through the eyes of truth: TAXES. A transfer of authority was necessary, because education of children had been a ministry of the CHURCH prior to Mann and the Unitarian-Universalist, heretic theology that he adhered to. In this new model, the teaching of children was henceforth to be the business of the STATE.

The Unitarians had one major problem to deal with before their ideology could be realized universally. The South was strongly Calvinist, believing that man’s chief end was “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” This rift in theology was actually the true cause of the Civil War, as the unseen always prefigures the seen. We know the end of the story: the entire nation got a centralized government that could force children in ALL states to attend the tax-supported and government-controlled public schools.  

A New Mas’sah.

A New Plantation.

And New Niggers.

“A nigger should know nothing but to obey his master – to do as he is told to do. Learning would spoil the best niggers in the world. Now, if you teach that nigger how to read, there would be no keeping him. It would forever unfit him to be a slave. He would at once become unmanageable, and of no value to his master.” (Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass)

The New Niggers are not kept in line with whips and beatings. The psychologists thought of everything. They knew that, like Douglass, some of the slaves would not be content in their station. They would be restless and stir with that “independent wish” that Scotland’s bard spoke of. Enter: mood stabilizers, legal drugs, to help the animals love their chains. In a double twist of cruelty, have the behavioral psychologists recommend Ritalin or Paxil or Luvox for the students who are mentally crippled, frustrated, and kept ignorant by the curriculum that they themselves invented. Of course, the drugs have side effects like suicidal ideations or tendencies to violence. When they kill themselves or their classmates, see? we told you they were animals.  

Restoration of literacy and setting the captives free requires a New Civil War. As in 1861, the enemy looks like us. He is our compatriot. He is the hopeful young teacher who has paid a king’s ransom to attend a New Plantation-funded college and be indoctrinated as a faithful overseer for New Mas’sah. He’s as much a slave as the slaves he perpetuates the system upon. He needs to be set free, too.

Unlike 1861, this war is not fought with bullets. The heart is the battleground. Do you believe that man is an animal? That the State can be trusted with authority that does not belong to it? Then kiss your chains, I cannot help you.

If, however, you see a child as the evidence of God’s presence on earth; if you believe that he has the right to know his Creator and understand his duty to Him and his fellow man; that it is our responsibility to equip him with literacy that he may be free of the tyranny of man; then I welcome you to join me as we set our hand to restoring the independent mind.  

"If I'm design'd yon lordling's slave, 
By Nature's law design'd, 
Why was an independent wish 
E'er planted in my mind? 
If not, why am I subject to 
His cruelty, or scorn? 
Or why has man the will and pow'r 
To make his fellow mourn?”

(Robert Burns, “Man Was Made to Mourn”) 

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